Zbigniew Pawlowicz's photos of WW2 displaced Poles in Foxley camp, Herefordshire, UK
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Reunion of Foxley residents


The nearest hamlet was Mansel Lacy with its pretty post office (complete with dovecote). Also nearby was Yazor (with its spired church):

Yazor church

Foxley valley, with its small stream and rolling hills, was a source of extra food - mushrooms, sorrel, horseradish and berries were plentiful - vital for a community still managing on war rations. It was also a paradise for children.

Fallen timber was often sawn up and used in the barrack stoves.

wood sawing

Food had to be searched for carefully:

shopping basket investigation

Children played safely in the woods:

woods and stream

Walks were favourite pastimes for all ages, whether young...

children playing

...or older...


...or mixed ages (Zbigniew wearing one of his cameras)...

ZP and family



...whatever the weather, in snow...

Catching the bus in the snow

...(and there was a lot of snow in those days)...

Posing in the snow

...or having picnics in hot sunshine.

picnic in the sun

Camp residents often posed for photos on the "bendy tree":

"Bendy" tree

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