Zbigniew Pawlowicz's photos of WW2 displaced Poles in Foxley camp, Herefordshire, UK
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Foxley Manor

Foxley Manor is shown on old maps of Herefordshire. The grand building at the top of the valley was used as local headquarters and offices of the US and Canadian medical corps during World War Two. The building was demolished in the early 1950s. The site author (left) and his little brother are shown here near the manor.

Foxley Manor with children

An imposing building...

Foxley Manor view was nevertheless considered dangerous and eventually had to be demolished:

Foxley Manor ruins

Foxley Manor

This link is for garden enthusiasts. There are photos of the grounds and an interactive satellite map of Foxley with a bit of text (but no mention at all of the Displaced Persons camp, just that it was a military hospital). If you zoom in, you can see clear evidence of the barracks.

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