Zbigniew Pawlowicz's photos of WW2 displaced Poles in Foxley camp, Herefordshire, UK
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Reunion 26 September 2009
Reunion of Foxley residents

Life in the DP Camp - Entertainment

One of the barracks was converted into a kind of social club for film/theatre, dances and social drinking. [Below: Site author in national costume]

In national costume

Zbigniew Pawlowicz also played trumpet in the camp's jazz band (below: second from R)

jazz band

Social evenings were held in the bar (below):

Social evening

Outings included walks to the terrace of Foxley Manor

Friends on Foxley Manor terrace

Families often held parties at home (this one is at ZP's house - typical furniture can be seen here, as can a wedding photo of a relative in New Zealand)

in full swing

Party for adults

Often, entertainment consisted of walks and chatting whilst sitting on a log

Ladies on a log

The social club had frequent dances:


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