Zbigniew Pawlowicz's photos of WW2 displaced Poles in Foxley camp, Herefordshire, UK
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One of the barracks was converted into a Roman Catholic chapel featuring a copy of the icon known as the "Black Madonna of Czestochowa" (below) - note the Polish eagle at the back and the painted stars on the ceiling.

Chapel with Madonna icon

Religious holidays included many processions...

Religious procession


wedding banquet

and baptisms.


Before the camp chapel was built, weddings were held in nearby Weobley:

Wedding in Weobley

Christenings were followed by group photos and parties

Christening photo opportunity

Another christening photo op

First communions were a major event

First communion

communion picture

Large communion group

Everyone decorated a Christmas tree (this one has a Father Christmas face made out of a Quaker Oats packet):

Xmas tree

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